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Dancing Keys Music Studio In Irvine Offers Australian Piano Method That Has Students Playing Great Sounding Songs From Their Very First Lessons!

Breakthrough Method And An Innovative Practice Lab Make Learning The Piano Easy And Fun.


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If you are looking for piano lessons in Irvine, there’s something you should know.

There’s a massive void in piano lessons

Fact #1: 86% of piano students quit within the first 2 years.

Fact #2: Most students hate to practice and parents hate to nag their children to practice.

A big disconnect, wouldn’t you say?

Students quit too early and parents are not happy.

piano lessons irvine

Who is to blame?

The student?

The teacher?

The parent?

The method?

The answer is a bit of everything.

Let me explain…

irvine piano lessons

Most teachers are stuck with the same old traditional method that produces the same results – year after year. Most students struggle, few survive. No surprises here.

What about the dreaded practice? Students hate to practice and parents hate to force their children to practice.

True, but it’s because most teachers do not know how to take advantage of cutting-edge technology to help their students practice better. In addition, they are not aware of discoveries that could help students stick with piano longer.

What if you could step outside the traditional bubble and use a method that’s easy to learn and fun to play?

What if you could use technology to make practice fun, engaging and social?

What if you could become self-sufficient and continue to play for years to come?

Well, I have good news for you.

The Search for ‘Piano Lessons Irvine’ Stops Here!

At Dancing Keys Music Studio our piano lessons are of a different kind. We combine the right method, technology and a sneaky invention of our own to help you develop a love for piano. We’ll get you playing in a jiffy and keep you playing for a long time.

Our mission is to maximize the likelihood that our students make music their lifelong companion, not something they used to do. And we think we’re doing a pretty good job at it.

What Makes Dancing Keys Music Studio So Different?

The Method

  • Breakthrough playing-based approach

  • Play immediately from your first lessons

  • Play contemporary, classical, blues and accompaniment

  • Acquire 35 – 50 songs in your first year.

The Playing-Based Piano Method

piano lessons irvine caAs opposed to the traditional reading-based approach that most piano teachers teach for piano lessons Irvine, we use a non-traditional playing-based piano method called Simply Music.

We teach you how to play the piano by immersing you in the process of playing right from the get-go. This step-by-step process is simple to learn, easy to follow and immensely satisfying.

It focuses on the sheer fun of playing the piano.

As a result you will be able to play great-sounding songs, both hands together from your very first lessons.

Within months you will build a diverse repertoire that includes contemporary, classical, blues and accompaniment pieces.

By the end of your first year of lessons, you will have acquired 35 – 50 great-sounding songs in your active repertoire.

You will discover that you have the ability to learn piano easier and more natural than you ever thought possible. Instead of learning notes, you acquire learning clues.

These learning clues allow you to easily memorize songs. You will also experience the absolute joy that comes from playing a huge repertoire of music that you can play anytime, anywhere without having to rely on sheet music. 

The App

  • Innovative practice app

  • Keeps track of student’s practice

  • Practice can be fun, social and engaging.

The Practice App

piano teacher irvineAll of our students have access to the Better Practice App. The app helps students keep track of their practice and hold them accountable.

Tracking practice with paper is a thing of the past for piano lessons Irvine at our studio. With this app it’s all done online. Plus, students do not need to think what they need to practice first or last. Nor do they need to rely on any kind of system to track their practice. The app does it all for them. A freshly customized daily practice list is ready for students to use, courtesy of the app’s Smart Recommendation Engine.

It also makes practicing fun, social and engaging. Parents really appreciate the app because it requires less hand holding and “policing” at home.

 “I really like the Better Practice App a lot. It makes practice less of a chore for both the parent and the child.”
Tu-Uyen Nguyen, parent

The Lab

  • Accelerated practice environment

  • Immediate feedback from tutor

  • No more nagging from parents

  • The secret of “forcing” students to practice without forcing

  • An indispensable help to busy parents

The Power-of-Two Accelerated Practice Lab

 power of two piano programThe Power-of-Two is our proprietary, one of a kind lesson/practice combo that will have you rethinking about music lessons and practice.

While the Better Practice App addresses the WHAT of practice, the Power of Two zooms in the WHEN of practice. It makes a huge difference in terms of memory retention.

By structuring lessons and practice in a strategic way, the Power-of-Two allows our students to practice less and achieve more. Parents also appreciate this because it takes off the pressure of the parents having to nag their children to practice at home. We lend a helping hand so parents have more free time and peace of mind. Piano lessons Irvine have become much easier.

Only available at Dancing Keys Music Studio, you’ll not find this anywhere else.

For a more detailed explanation of this innovative Power-of-Two concept, watch our video presentation.

Our students love to be able to play different types of music from the beginning. They also love to showcase their accompaniment skills to their family and friends so they all can have many fun sing-along sessions at home.

piano sing alongThe ultimate joy of music is not under the spotlight at Carnegie Hall, but in cozy living rooms where family and friends can gather for a night of music sharing. 

“Not only are our kids learning piano but the whole family is enjoying the times together playing and singing the songs.” 

Ray & Jean Geagan, Parents, Santa Ana

We’ll Help You Develop A Lifelong Companion To Piano.

Call us today or sign up online for a FREE Introductory Session. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you are going to learn this way. Piano lessons in Irvine can be easy and fun.

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