“Music is a mind-altering noise with the potential to induce memories, merriment, and mirth all at the same time.”

If listening to music has the power to bring such joy, imagine what creating music would feel like!

Learning an instrument to its very core and playing it to your heart’s content is how you create music. From our childhood, humans are sensitive and drawn to the pleasure that music brings. Going beyond the instant joy that it brings, there are many other long-term benefits of playing an instrument as well. Let us look at a few of them.

Improving Cognitive Powers

It has been proved over and over that children who learn to play a musical instrument at a young age have more heightened cognitive powers than those who did not. This is due to the consistent harmony between the brain and the body that playing a musical instrument requires. Especially when it comes to playing a musical instrument like a piano, it is common knowledge that the younger you start learning the better. You can give a child their beginner piano lessons as young as three years old if they seem to be interested in the instrument. 

Having a calmer mind

The waves in our brain respond positively to soft rhythms and well-composed music. Playing an instruments makes your mind to be in sync with your body, putting your brain into almost a meditative state. Learning, practicing and playing an instrument requires discipline and perseverance. Both qualities help your brain to be calm and focused for extended periods of time, which is something that cannot be bought or force your mind to do. If you look at a course that helps you learn piano fast, you would see that it is all about consistent practice, which will stimulate your brain in the healthiest way and help you have a calmer mind.

Enhancing Social interactions

Music is a language that breaks many barriers. Despite what language you speak, everybody understands the rhythm of a guitar or a tune played in a piano. Playing an instrument can drastically enhance your social interactions. Let it be a party, trip or a gathering of any kind, everybody loves someone with a guitar or a piano! The time you spend on learning an instrument will surely be an investment to have a better social life for sure.

Improving coordination

Playing an instrument is all about having perfect harmony between your mind and the fingers. When you play the piano, for an example, your eyes read the notes and instantly transfers to your brain which will move your fingers within a fraction of a second. The coordinative skills that you practice when learning and playing an instrument will benefit you in all aspects of life. You will have better reaction speeds when driving and do better in sports that need constant hand-eye coordination as well.