It is common knowledge that learning piano should start as early as possible in life. If your little one is showing an affinity for music, giving them piano lessons early in life is surely one of the best gifts you can give them. Learning Piano does not only affect their skills on the keyboard but also increases their motor skills, the growth of their brain cells, analytical skills and multitasking skills in general.

However, how early is too early to start basic piano lessons for kids? Is there an ideal age to start learning piano? Let’s find out!

First of all, just like every other aspect of life, the ideal age to start learning an instrument as complex as the piano surely differs from one child to another. The most important things are that they enjoy going through the learning process. If your child seems to have not only the discipline it requires to sit and focus on learning piano, but also seems to truly enjoy it, you can start their lesson as early as 3 or 4 years old.

Most parents wait until their child has passed the kindergarten level in order to introduce them to the piano. This is usually a good time to start in general since by that time they have learned basic skills needed. They have understood their scope of memory and focus, making it easier for them to apply the same skills for learning piano.

Even though the actual learning may start once they get to the level of understanding the concept of learning, you can always make them familiar with a piano. This would be easier if you have a piano at home, but you can also take them to a good piano teacher who would love to get their little fingers familiar with the keys and the tunes which can be created with the help of a piano.

Being closer and familiar with a piano would increase their enthusiasm for learning the instrument, giving them a psychological boost as well. Therefore, the best age for your child to start learning piano is NOW!

Let it come from their own minds that they would love to start learning the instrument by making them familiar with it, and when they express the desire to truly learn it, or show the signs that they enjoy being with the instrument, get an experienced teacher to take them through the joyful experience of learning how to play the piano.

Research has been done to find out the relationship between music and math. Whether it’s true or not, learning to play an instrument at a young age is always a good thing for your child.