When it comes to playing a musical instrument, we all know that the difference between being an ordinary player and an extraordinary player lies completely in practice. However, if you are a teacher of music you know only too much about how the students always seem to come up with an excuse as to why they did not practice what they learned.

Surprisingly enough, most of the times these students do love what they do, and still, miss their practices. They just seem to have a desire to magically become extraordinary musicians without putting the work needed to get there!

Students who practice regularly might or might not know how to practice effectively, but the following are some of the top excuses that students who don’t practice often may come up with.

1. Too busy!

This is one of the most common excuses that everybody seems to take thinking saying this would somehow justify their poor time management skills. They would tell you that they were busy with doing their homework all week to find time to practice the instrument, but chances are that they made some sort of an excuse to not do homework as well. Those who put an effort to properly manage time, somehow get everything done in the end regardless of how “busy” they are!

2. School tests/exams

Telling that they had a test or an exam to study is considered as one of the most foolproof excuses by students. Since music is seen as nothing but an extracurricular activity in school, none of the parents or music teachers would scold them for this excuse.

3. Too difficult

One of the most ironical excuses that you would get from a student is that they did not practice due to the musical piece they were supposed to practice was too difficult. The irony is that the difficulty would go away only when they keep practicing. They seem to somehow think that if they keep on complaining about how difficult it is, they will magically be able to play the instrument.

4. Didn’t know they had to practice

Although you said more than 10 times during the class that they need to practice at home before they come to the class, you will likely get at least one student saying with an extremely surprise face that they just did not know they had to practice. Some of those students probably would deserve an Oscar for how genuine they seem when they say it.

5. Notes from parents

Having to practice an instrument after the class only benefits the students, not the teachers. It is what truly makes them skilled enough with it. However, there are usually notes coming from the parents telling that the child engaged in some activity which is why they could not practice. Students also believe that a note from parents would carry a higher weight as their excuse, however, at the end of the day, they are missing out!