The ideal time to start piano lessons for your child is right now! If your little one has the rhythm and a love for music in them, getting them a qualified piano teacher as soon as possible is one of the best gifts you can give them. The benefits are many for your child and their brain development. However, there are many mistakes parents make when they are picking a piano teacher for their child. Some of them can be quite damaging for their future in music as well. Here are the three biggest mistakes parents could make when looking for piano lessons for their little one. Make sure you do not do them at any cost!

  1. Choosing a teacher due to popularity

    Too many parents make the mistake of sending their child to a “popular” teacher in the area just because everybody goes there. While these teachers maybe are truly skilled in their craft, the chances are that there will be too many children for them to handle at one time which would not allow them to personally guide your child through the sensitive and complicated process of learning the basics of playing the piano.When the first few lessons do not go well, it is likely to affect the enthusiasm of your child in a negative way as well. Therefore, try to go for a teacher who can personally guide your child through the basics without a rush. Later when they master the basics you can send them to a more advanced class with a popular teacher.

  2. Failing to consider the long-term cost

    Let’s be frank – piano lessons are not cheap. However, once you enroll your child in a class, having to discontinue it half-way because you did not consider the long-term cost of piano lessons can be extremely disheartening for your child. Consider all the time commitments needed such as lesson and practice time and make sure that you can comfortably afford the cost of the teacher you pick until your child gets to a certain age and a level that they can move to a different instructor or self-practice.

  3. Choosing a teacher with limited learning styles

    Everybody learns in different ways and paces. If you pick a teacher with only one learning style that they apply to all the students, there is a chance that your child may slip through and never make it through the basics. Usually, there are at least three learning styles – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. At least try to match your child’s way of learning to the piano teacher that you select for them.

There you have it – the three biggest pitfalls parents make. Make sure you take the time and find the right teacher for beginning piano lessons and avoid these mistakes. Your child will thank you for it.